So this is where it starts. Welcome to my blog. This feels so 1999.

This is me. I’m interested in a wide range of IT topics. A few of them are Cyber Security, cloud infrastructure, operating systems, open source software, knowledge management tools and recently coding.

Why no name (yet)


I’m not super secretive about my name. With a little bit of effort you can find out anyways (not famous btw). But I want to do an experiment where I am a little bit more anonymous online.

It’s just the thought that everyone I know in real life can potentially read my blog gives me writer’s block sometimes. Especially in the beginning I don’t want to be to too much of a perfectionist and spend a lot of time re-reading my blogposts. Just quickly share some interesting topics.

edit from future me: I’ve linked to this blog from real name social media profiles already now. My name is Markus, hi 👋

Goals for this blog


Write down stuff worth sharing

Whenever I think it’s worth sharing, I want to write it down here. For example, I’m thinking about writing a detailed post about how I set up this blog with Hugo.

Recently I started delving into offensive security topics, where I want to write down what I learned or what I discovered afterwards. Win-win: Maybe you’ll find something interesting to read and I’ll contextualize my knowledge more by writing about it.

Break out of my German filter bubble

As you might have guessed from the top level of this domain, I’m from Germany. With my previous online presence, I was always restricted by language because I only wrote German. Although I’m not really super hyped about real-life networking (with people that is 🫠) there are reasons why I want to:

Connect to people internationally

Especially for niche topics, you’ll always find more people with the same interests. For example, I recently discovered this knowledge management tool logseq which I really like. I bet there are more people willing to exchange thoughts about this tool when my content is in English, and I can share my discoveries.

Get more fluent in writing English

At work I mainly communicate in English, but there’s still a difference speed- and thoughtwise compared to writing German. Maybe writing posts in a tech blog will help with that.

That’s it. I don’t have a comment section yet, maybe I’ll never have one here, but if you want to connect you can follow me on twitter.